What formats can Look2 transfer 

We can handle most major formats of Cine Film and Video and Camcorder Tapes dating back to 1922.
Our state of the art Cine Film scanner from Texas USA based 'Moviestuff' allows us to transfer Cine Film in 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm & 35mm as well as a few other formats.
Video and camcorder tapes 
VHS, VHSc, SVHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicoMV, Betamax
     HDV & more    

How do you transfer Cine Film?

We use our Moviestuff MK2 Scanner which captures your precious film frame by frame in HD (or 2K if required) 
This system is sprocketless and is very gentle on your film putting a beam of light through the sprockets to ensure a good stable picture.         

Do you only transfer to DVD?

Not at all, although DVD is our most popular (and best value) option we can also transfer your Cine Film and Video Tapes to a digital format of your choice. The most popular option after DVD is MP4 on a USB stick. Our prices page has all the costs.          

Do I need to make an appointment

Not exactly an appointment, but if you could call ahead on 01292 22 22 11 when dropping off and collecting it is greatly appreciated. This gives us the opportunity to give great care to all transfers. 

What is the turnaround time?

Most orders are completed within 24 hours off arriving with us during weekdays. At certain times of the year we do get a bit busier so this can take a wee bit longer.
When your order arrives you will be advised of the current timescale.        

Will my USB stick work on my TV?

Our USB sticks work on most modern TVs and computers.
It is always helpful if you could let us know which device/s you will be playing them on so that we can ensure the best possible results first time as some TVs and Computers require different file system or types to be compatible. We can guide you through to make sure you get to enjoy watching you precious memories        

Professional and Efficient Conversions

Our transfer artists boast many decades of experience.

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